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More Firehouse Pranks

Here at the Fire Critic we enjoy lightening the mood a bit from time to time…or all the time.

Here are a couple more firehouse pranks for you guys to put in your toolbox!

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This one doesn’t show the “making of”, it simply shows the final product and how the pranked firefighter takes it!

This one is also being discussed over at Firefighter Nation

This one is pretty decent. It is your basic “hide in the locker and scare the hell of a firefighter” variety.

This one didn’t really have a payday…I wonder if it even worked.

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  • Hallway Sledge

    Rhett, the bottom video does work o.k., or so I’ve heard. But if you really want to get the guy sitting on the commode, fill a large manilla envelope with baby powder, etc. leave the tab open, slide it under the door and then stomp on the end. Once again, I’ve heard it works well.