Madison Firefighters Lead the Way in the Fight Against Union Busting

Madison Firefighters have been seen in the forefront of the protest against Governor Walkers assault on labor. IAFF General President Harold Schaitberger also joined in the march on the Capitol.

I am also very proud of the teachers! They have been all over the news as well. It is great to see people standing up for what they believe in (and their livelihood)!

A Quick update for all the staunch Republican firefighters out there….while you sit on your couch watching television and the news focuses on your brother firefighters fighting for your rights….the Democrats have not taken your guns away. Rest easy! (hopefully that isn’t as big an issue in Wisconsin as it is where I am!)

The IAFF has an article on the protest here

The legislation in question would virtually shut down all union rights for public sector workers.

The measure had been moving quickly through the Wisconsin state legislature on its way to Governor Walker’s desk. Despite several attempts to amend the bill, it sailed through the legislature’s Joint Finance Committee in a 12-4 vote.

Governor Walker has indicated that he wants the budget bill signed into law by February 22 before he begins work on the next year’s budget. IAFF 5th District Vice President Joe Conway says he expects more attacks on public sector unions in the next budget proposal as well. read more

Below is some video showing the protesters in action!