Firefighting News – Street Racing, Firehouse Traditions, Councilwoman’s House Burns, and more…

LODD – FAO Richard Paul: Kansas City, Missouri FAO Richard Paul died Friday morning during his annual physical. While this has not been ruled an LODD yet (sometimes it takes time), it did occur in the line of duty. Read more here.

Police take control of Sea Isle City Volunteer Fire Department amid infighting and rumors of threats to ignore fire callsSEA ISLE CITY – Police Chief Thomas D’Intino assumed control of the city’s volunteer fire department this week and launched an investigation into rumors that some firefighters threatened to ignore fires over a personnel dispute. Mayor Leonard Desiderio signed an executive order appointing the chief to oversee and investigate the all-volunteer department, which has served the island since 1896. At Desiderio’s request, City Council convened an emergency meeting Friday to get an explanation for his decision. Two senior members of the fire company resigned Monday. Desiderio said he will not accept their resignations until the investigation is complete in hopes they will reconsider.

Firefighter Charged In Triple Fatal Street Racing Crash – McDowell County, NC Firefighter Jeremy Bolick (driver) and his passenger firefighter Tommy Wright were both killed while street racing firefighter Tyler Jordan Vance. The street race turned deadly when Bolick’s mustang lost control and struck a vehicle driven by Cynthia White Bassett. Cynthia’s husband, her passenger, died 10 days later in the hospital.Tyler Jordan Vance was charged with one count of spontaneous speed competition and one count of misdemeanor death by vehicle. Read more here

The Fire Service Warrior

The Fire Service Warrior posted an article titled “Does it have pictures?” I think it is about firefighters looking at pictures and not reading the articles. I am not sure though, it didn’t have any pictures… The Fire Service warrior has been around since 2008. Check it out here.

Update on Toronto Mayday Firefighter Rescues – Toronto firefighters reenact the rescues they made of their brother firefighters when a MAYDAY was called at a recent fire. Statter covered the incident here.

Wilkes-Barre Firefighters Win Arbitration Wilkes-Barre firefighters are in the money! Wilkes-Barre city officials Thursday night released the payoffs made to 85 city firefighters from a $1 million arbitration award. Read the story here: Wilkes-Barre releases firefighter payoff numbers

COLLEEN WHITE/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Firefighters from Closter and surrounding battled a two-alarm fire on Jan. 6 at the home of Councilwoman Victoria Amitai. The fire was extinguished within an hour, said fire officials who were on the scene.

Maybe this Council Member will appreciate her firefighters. While I don’t have any direct evidence that Closter Councilwoman Victoria Amitai has any history of not appreciating her firefighters, she has reason to appreciate them now. A two alarm fire at her house at 449 Ruckman road burned her husband and sent him to the hospital. Read more here

Brent Firefighters were busy with 3 fires in one day. Well to be honest, it was 2 fires and one that wasn’t put out well enough the first time. The first fire was a grass fire due to a lightening strike. Hell, the story was kinda hard to read…check it out here

Firehouse Traditions – Saturday Night is Pizza Night! I have heard many firehouse traditions. Some go by firehouse, others are department traditions. The Aurora firefighters have held onto a tradition that makes many pale in comparison. Every Saturday night, every station in Aurora serves up pizza. Seldom does the menu change on Saturday’s for their 200 firefighters. The idea was born almost a half-century ago, shortly after Bob Watkins joined the department. In addition to his firefighter gig — he served for 25 years and retired nearly 25 years ago — Watkins had a part-time job managing Tony’s Pizza in Aurora. He introduced pizza night at the city’s downtown station. Then he expanded. Read more

Bonus video of St. Pete Firefighters battling a house fire below