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Voting Continues and heats up for the Blog of the Year!


What has been interesting is how on Sunday, Rescuing Providence has narrowed the almost 150 vote lead by A Day in the Life of An Ambulance Driver to less than 100 votes. Last year, we saw the majority of the votes in the last two days. Anything can happen. It all depends on who is pulling for who and how many votes you can get (obviously).

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LODD – Parkton, NC Assistant Chief James Walters Sr.


Assistant Chief James Walters Sr., 57, of the Parkton Volunteer Fire Department in North Carolina has passed away in the Line of Duty. Walters was doing paperwork at the station when he collapsed. Personnel at the station immediately began CPR. Unfortunately, Chief Walters passed away at the hospital from an apparent heart attack.

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LODD – West Memphis Firefighter David Eason

Firefighter Recruit David Eason, 38, died of an apparent heart attack at the Arkansas Fire Academy in East Camden, Arkansas. He was doing the hose trace evolution and went into cardiac arrest. He was a recruit for teh West Memphis Fire Department. His death occurred on January 26th. Paramedics were on scene and came to David's aid. David died at the hospital 30 minutes later.

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LODD – Dixon Rural Fire Protection District Captain Leslie “Les” Clark

Captain Clark passed away after suffering a medical emergency while responding to a reported structure fire. Captain Clark was operating a tanker when he advised a crew member that he felt as if he might pass out, and then lost consciousness. The other firefighter reached over and applied the air brake to stop the vehicle. He and firefighters from the apparatus following the tanker removed Captain Clark and began CPR.

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Where has The Fire Critic Been?


Here is a little update as to what I have been up to besides the Black Diamond Boots Fire & EMS Blog of the Year contest. You might have also noticed my lack of posting the past several days. My birthday was on the 28th and I spent the day doing some things I don't normally get to do. I haven't taken a break from the web sites like this in a long time! I think I deserved it!

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Voting Continues and Listen to the Finalists Tonight on Firefighter Netcast LIVE!


The Voting Continues for the Black Diamond Boots Fire & EMS Blog of the Year Contest. Don't let any early leads make you complacent. Last year we saw some early leads and strong comebacks. Just today we have seen several blogs getting a lot of votes! Tonight (Wed. Jan. 26th), the finalists have been invited to be on Firefighter Netcast. The direct show link is here and it starts at 9pm EST!

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The Fire Service Warrior – Monday Morning Shoutout


The Fire Service Warrior offers this unique "mission statement" that has been dubbed the Ethos of a Fire Service Warrior. Ethos? Yeah, I had to look it up although I kinda figured what he meant by it. Ethos: English word based on a Greek word and denotes the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community, a nation or an ideology.

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