UK Rap Fire Prevention Song: Good or Bad Investment

Check out the story and video below. The West Midlands Fire Service spent around $8000 (US) for two rappers to create “The Fire Song”. Now it has some people thinking they spent too much.Some are citing frivolous spending in a slow economy.

I think that $8000 is a drop in the bucket. If any fire department wants to get down to spending there are so many other things to point fingers at.

The song may not be extremely appealing to me, but it does have a good message and I think it should be used as much as possible. The song already has over 7000 views on youtube. Let’s just hope they do some ideal marketing on this one to get their moneys worth!

As for the product, production, song, and subsequent video I think they got their moneys worth!


WEST MIDLANDS, England — A city councillor has claimed a rap song highlighting the importance of fire safety was too expensive.

West Midlands Fire Service has spent pounds 5,000 — almost $8,000 — of taxpayers money on The Fire Song which it hopes will become an internet hit.

It cost a total of pounds 10,000 to produce with the other half raised through grants.

Birmingham-based Corey ‘SMan’ Campbell was joined by fellow rapper Nigel Hinds on the safety-conscious song. Film director Daniel Alexander produced the video.

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