Record Keeping in Omaha FD Questioned. Citizen Groups Complain While Fire Chief and Former Union President Stands Behind his Firefighters

Omaha Fire Department’s record keeping is being questioned. The State Auditor has stated that with the records available, an audit is not possible.

The issues involve a SAFER Grant, The Kloewer Fund, and Union leave hours. The SAFER Grant for 18 positions was awarded and subsequently canceled after the inability to maintain proper staffing.

You can read the entire letter from Nebraska State Auditor Mike Foley to Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle here.

Nebraska Auditor Mike Foley calls the fire department books “un-auditable” targeting several areas of the budget, including the fire department’s big payroll and accusations from The Alliance for the Public Sector that the fire department plays games with your money.

The complaints range from dishonesty, misuse of city money and criminal acts by some of the fire department’s top ranking officials.

“There were allegations brought to my attention that certain members of the department were not showing up for work. Is that true, I don’t know, you can’t prove it by the records,” says auditor Mike Foley. Read More

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