Statter on The Fire Critic “You are Right, You are Wrong”. Make up your mind! Plus Firefighter Netcast and Audio from South Fulton

Last night, John and I welcomed Dave Statter, Justin Schorr, Chris Kaiser, Art Goodrich, Mike Ward, Willie Wines Jr., Joseph Schmoe, and GTRider245 live on Firefighter Netcast to discuss the Obion County and South Fulton Fiasco.

Listen to the netcast right here!

Dave Statter once again latches onto one comment of mine from last night. I made reference to the fact that the media sensationalized this story. I am right. I understand why the media does this. I may not agree with it, but it is what it is. Dave twists that as me blaming the news. That is incorrect. I still blame the elected officials and local government of Obion County. I was simply making a point.

That being said, I love Dave for it! You might ask why. Well the answer is simple.People read, learn, agree, disagree, and make changes.

I would also like to thank everyone for the comments on this blog and other blogs I read. The comments have been very insightful and show the thought processes of firefighters, how those thoughts vary, and where we are on this topic. Even the negative comments are good. They are good for debate. I love the fact that everyone can offer their opinion. I think this situation shows the benefit of blogs and other forms of social media!

Dave mentions that I am right about everything…but then says I am wrong. Make up your mind Dave. You know I am right, everyone knows I am right. I am not putting the spin on it that everyone else is. Hell Dave, I keep reading this post of yours (here) and I am beginning to think you might have multiple personalities. You keep saying I am right, then saying I am wrong. You say you agree with me, then saying you disagree with me. Make up your mind Dave. You love pointing I am wrong by saying I am right! It is hard to follow.

Anyone taking bets on who will get the last word; Dave or Me?

I would like to summarize my thoughts.

I merely stated the facts…the outcome was predictable. Homeowners who live in Obion County that fall under the Fire Protection District covered by the Municipal Fire Department of South Fulton get coverage if they pay the $75 fee. Plain and simple. If they don’t pay, they don’t get the coverage. There is no spin there. I find it hard to believe that anyone cannot understand that.

That being said…I will reiterate my point. The system is antiquated, unsafe, unfair, and not a good idea.

Obion County needs to immediately develop a timeline for creation of their own Fire Department.

I still stand by the my comments that you CANNOT fault the Firefighters or Fire Department for their actions. South Fulton operates in Obion County as a Fire Protection District. They do so by way of policies set forth by their government. Obion County has clearly accepted the format of delivery by South Fulton as well as that of the other 7 municipal departments which operate their own Fire Protection Districts in Obion County.

This is NOT the way the Municipal FD’s operate within their jurisdictions…just the way they operate in their Fire Protection Districts outside of their Municipalities.

After listening to the netcast from last night again…Dave really doesn’t disagree with anything I say except for one word I used. However, even then he says I am technically right but that it isn’t the way things should be done. Thanks Dave, exactly what I have been saying. “Everything operated the way it Should” – my words. Everything did operate the way it should under the current system. Nothing happened the way it should this day in age. The antiquated system that is being used in Obion County should be completely overhauled.

Put me in coach!!! I will be happy to head down to Obion County to help them come up with a solution. Hell, better yet there are plenty of consultants out there which would be happy to be bank rolled to come up with a positive solution.

Here is the audio from the incident

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