First Due Blog Carnival: Call For Submissions – Edition 5 – Minimum Standards

Edition 5  of the First Due Blog Carnival asks the simple question: What should the minimum standards be for firefighters?

Some points to consider…

  • First off…did you realize that some States have NO standards at all for firefighters?
  • Should there be different standards for volunteer and career firefighters?
  • Should the minimum standard be up to Local, State, or Federal mandates?
  • Should this be a certification?
  • Should there be continuing education?
  • Should there be re-certification?

July’s First Due Blog Carnival is being hosted right here at The Fire Critic! Please plan on submitting your content to me by July 28th. The 5th edition will be posted right here on the 30th!

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You can read past editions of the First Due Blog Carnival here.