Rescue Me Season 6 Premier Tonight

Everyone’s favorite dysfunctional firefighter is back at it for another season. Tommy Gavin is back at it again tonight with Season 6 at 10pm EST. The official web site is here.

I have enjoyed the show. I thought the first couple of seasons were the best. Lets be honest, it is a soap opera…much like the fire service of today!

The information on the new season is below:

Season 6 opens with Tommy shaken by his vision of the afterlife. Tommy comes home to discover that Janet has been relying on Franco during his absence, and finds their newfound closeness suspicious. Uncle Teddy confronts Tommy, insisting he utilize this second chance to make things right. Tommy begins reevaluating his priorities both at home and at the station, and after rescuing a priest from a fire, Tommy seeks out his guidance. Janet and Tommy’s relationship is at another crossroads, both torn between putting the past behind them and whether Tommy can really change.

Meanwhile, Feinberg informs the gang that due to the recession, the Mayor needs to close down some firehouses. Given the house’s renegade reputation, they’re number one on the chopping block, and he insists he’s not going down with them.

Damien, still anxious for his first save, finds himself questioning his place in the Gavin firefighting legacy, while Sheila continues pressuring Tommy to talk to Damien about his role in the brotherhood.

Colleen has started drinking more since Tommy’s shooting, causing concern that she’s following in Tommy’s footsteps. Black Shawn stands by her, and further inserts himself into the family.

Garrity is approached by an ailing firefighter and enlists Mike’s assistance in fulfilling his friend’s last wishes.