John Jordan, head of a team of Americans helping Sarajevo’s firemen

This is an older video. I don’t have the exact date. I must warn any younger viewers that parts of the video are graphic. The video tells of a pretty neat story of a Bristol Firefighter, John Jordan, who helped out the Sarajevo Firefighters. The video also shows what they were up against. Just watch the video!!!

The video states:

(Studio: Diane Sawyer) Bristol, Rhode Island, volunteer firefighter John Jordan, who has made trips to Bosnia to help the firefighters there, profiled; scenes shown from wartorn Sarajevo. [JORDAN – talks about fighting fires in Sarajevo while the snipers shoot.] Jordan shown delivering a shipment of firefighting equipment to Sarajevo. Jordan’s background reviewed; photos shown. [JORDAN – talks about the community nature of firefighting and helping to equip the men in Sarajevo.]