The Fire Critic is on the Hunt

Hey readers,

I was on the phone with Fire Daily the other day and learned a lot. It is always fun to catch up with fellow bloggers and readers.

If anyone ever wants to chat, hit me up on facebook and my cell phone number is under info. All I ask is that when you friend request me put something like “Fire Critic” in the message so I know where you are coming from. Once you get my number, feel free to call and chat.

John Mitchell of  Fire Daily and I enjoyed a conversation about an upcoming event for the two of us that you all will be sure to enjoy…if we can pull it off.

One thing that we spoke about was how John got into blogging. I always find it interesting finding out what got people into blogging.

I made the statement that all of the “Fire” bloggers are East Coast/Midwest firefighters. Not to discount the “wildland” firefighting blogs, but they are mostly different than the structural firefighting blogs (just trust me that there is an obvious and defined difference).

I am not sure why, but there is really only one blog that would fit into the same genre as many of the mainstream fire blogs and that one has medic in the name…The Happy Medic (he covers both fire and EMS sides well).

I am not saying that there aren’t any West Coast firefighting blogs (non-wildland that is), but that I don’t know of any right off the top of my head.

Just to be clear, there are some great West Coast firefighting blogs but most/if not all of them focus on wildland firefighting.

I want to know of blogs you think I am missing out on. I want to know about West Coast firefighting blogs. I want to know about all firefighting blogs if you think I don’t know about them! Just leave a comment.

Oh yeah…and I am looking for a company who wants to be involved in a leather helmet give-away just before Christmas too. Let me know if you are interested in an excellent marketing idea!!!