Eyes on the Blog World

cropThink of this as a view of the blog world according to the Fire Critic. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, it is my version of the FireGeezer’s Around The Fire Web…only different. Deal with it! This will probably be a normal column with an intermittent schedule. Don’t plan on seeing it the same time every week.

Here is today’s rundown:

The online education blog has a list of 26 iphone/itouch apps for EMS personnel. Sorry guys, there are no Fire related applications here. However, if you need to quickly come up with the proper dopamine drip rate for infusion you are in the right place. Eat your heart out Happy Medic

Speaking of the Happy Medic, he is still gabbing like a school girl about the meetup with UK Medic blogger Medic 999. I would be too if it meant traveling across the pond though. How’s about another shrimp on the barbie? Oh yeah, and he finally got a hold of thehappymedic.com and happymedic.com.

Fire Daily has a story about “Da Chief”, something that is becoming fewer and farther between these days. Especially some of the top Chiefs who move from department to department saving the world one resume notch at a time.

FireGeezer is still dishing up with great news stories from around the World that you would probably never come across if it weren’t for them. How do they see it all? My guess is glasses….love ya mean it!

Every day you get an EMS tip and maybe even some other tips at EverydayEMSTips.com….Every Day.

I think that FireFighterHourly.com is explaining patients to sue departments in order to change policy and remove those in charge of said policies….or something like that.

Legeros is…well….he is Legeros. Need I say more. He has some great posts going on his very popular Raleigh/Wake Firefighting Blog.

If you want a great example of a single fire station’s blog you have got to check out Roanoke City’s Fire Station 9 blog! This shit is funny as hell, with some serious moments occasionally!

TheHouseWatch.com is always good for some great strategic and tactical articles by Ray McCormack. The latest talks about having too much hose.

Speaking of having too much hose…STATter911 has a GREAT story of a guy who dreamt of having more hose. The hell with those pills, he decided to hang a dumbbell weight fastener on his hose. It took firefighters two hours to free willy. Trust me, Statter can’t make this shit up.

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