The Fire Critic Needs Your Help

Hey all, the Fire Critic is in need of help. I am working on the official apparel for the Fire Critic and I have hit a roadblock.

I need some ideas on tag lines to go along with the logo. The tag line I created with the logo is Fire Critic: An Unadulterated View of the Fire Service. However, I am not necessarily pleased with that being on the apparel.

I am looking for something raw, smart ass, funny, rude, or whatever. Give it your best shot in the comments. If your line is picked, The Fire Critic will pick up the bill for your first piece of apparel.

Right now, we are looking at offering shirts, hoodies, aprons, boxers, coffee mugs (yes FireGeezer I am a poser), Beer Steins, and even a woman’s thong!

Give me your ideas for tag lines and you can even tell me what apparel you think it would work best on if you want!

I can cater the logo to crop any part  of it. I attached some examples.Click on the images to enlarge them (some of the images are cropped when the thumbnails are created).