New Video from Camberwell Fire in England

The Fire Critic first reported this incident here. Apparently, some newer footage has been released on the incident included below. I noticed some interesting things in the video, the most interesting being the car sitting on its side. It appears as though firefighters turned a car over to provide space for a ladder truck to set up its outriggers. There is a report here of an extended amount of time getting to the people trapped on the upper floors. I doubt it took that long, but I am sure that it took a little while to get up to them after setting everything up.

A brigade spokesman said that they had sent eighteen fire engines and nine rescue units. One firefighter was taken to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation and heat exhaustion.

“We gained access to the building as soon as we got there,” he said. “The time it took to reach the top of the building was simply the result of the firefighting operation. They progressed as quickly as they could.”