Armchair Quarterbacking in France

Image from google streetview

Image from google streetview

There is a video traversing the many fire sites that an American took of a fire among row houses in France. I am sure that many Urban American Firefighters will join my sentiment in thinking that this looks very odd at face value. It seems like an eternity in getting water on the fire. Luckily it seemed as though the fire was not spreading fast. However, I know when to shut up and usually that is when I am speaking about something I know nothing about. French Firefighting is one of those things.

I have to pat myself on the back for the following…Many are wondering where this is exactly and I am surprised that Dave Statter, the King of Google Streetview didn’t look for it or didn’t find it. However, I did. I saw Puy-de-Dome on the back of one of the firefighters and then noticed the store Yawatah. From that I found the location and you can view the streetview here. Take a look around if you want. The rowhouse on fire can be seen past the pink store on the left down the alley. I gave up soon after that in trying to find the actual fire station. The fire was in Puy-de-dome and/or Clermont-Ferrand France.

The video can be seen with subsequent comments on Firefighter Nation, FireGeezer, STATter 911, and this German or Dutch? Blog that I hope to have more information on soon.

The video is below:

It is worth watching in its entirety. I think it would be interesting to see some more of France’s Bravest in action.