Sparta Volunteer Ambulance Squad Loses Trucks in Fire

The Sparta Volunteer Ambulance Squad lost 2 ambulances in a fire that swept through their apparatus bay. One other vehicle sustained damage. The estimates are that  the ambulances could cost $200,000 to replace…each.

At least one member was at the station at the time of the fire along with a yoga class. The member was quick to notify the class of the fire and get them out of the building. No one was injured.

The only other saving grace was that the squad’s third ambulance was out on a call at the time of the fire and was not involved in the fire.

Sparta police said today that their preliminary investigation showed that the fire started onboard one of the ambulances as an oxygen tank was being checked for pressure. There was lightning in the area around that time, prompting initial speculation that the stormy weather played a role, but authorities did not indicate any connection. Read the entire story here.

Erica Patrick / For the Daily Record

Erica Patrick / For the Daily Record

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It seems as though ambulance losses are becoming a daily event nowadays. Between accidents, fires, and being stolen the trucks have become an insurance nightmare. Unfortunately, most municipalities are self insured which means that they have to be repaired without any payoff from an insurance company. All of this does not help at all with the economic woes of today….but then again thankfully no one was hurt.